Missions are a vital part of our church.  By sending and supporting missionaries worldwide we are sharing the message of God's love beyond our nation.  We provide opportunity to go, to give, and to pray for the needs of the world.

To read the 'Short Term Missions Connexion - Effective Engagement Guide' please click here.

Short Term Missions Opportunities (STM) with Fellowship International

We recently received some exciting information from Fellowship International, about Short Term Missions opportunities through the Fellowship. We will also be including this letter with e-mail links on our church web-site missions page. If you or anyone you know are interested in pursuing any of these opportunities, feel free to contact Aaron at the church office or any of the members of the missions committee.

Dear friends,
I’m connecting with you again this year to briefly update you on the STM Connexion program (Fellowship International’s short-term missions program). STM Connexion’s focus is on connecting people to God’s mission, facilitating viable and valuable STM initiatives for our Fellowship churches and walking with those whom God is calling on a longer journey of cross-cultural service.
This past year STM Connexion partnered with Fellowship churches and Heritage College and Seminary to prepare and send out individual and teams of servants to Kenya, Kazakhstan, Poland, France, Colombia, Honduras, Indonesia, India, Pakistan and Japan.  It’s been exciting to hear all the reports of short-termers that served and grew in the process and local ministries that were encouraged and enhanced by the individuals and teams they hosted.  In the midst our continued prayer is that through all of these efforts that God would be planting seeds in the hearts of those who will become the next generation of missionaries willing to step out and be witnesses in places where the Gospel has yet to take root.
We have recently developed a short term guide for Effective Engagement for churches to use while they work through the short term missions process.  This guide is available to your church free of charge in order to help you work through the myriad of issues and challenges involved with preparing a team to serve cross-culturally. We are also developing a larger resource that includes more detailed information as well as examples of forms and resources. This is still in the early stage of production and we are looking to partner with churches who will use this resource and test it out with a team they train teams to head out. There is a cost to this resource binder.
Please take some time to look over the possible ways that your church can be involved with the STM Connexion program in 2013 and with what God is doing through our missionary efforts around the world (this will be sent in the mail to your church this week as well).
Please click here for more information on our website about the STM Connexion program.
You will also find these opportunities attached.
As always I serve as a resource for our churches to provide whatever help and support I can as you look to reach out beyond your borders as witnesses of the Kingdom of God.  If you have any questions regarding short-term missions, the STM Connexion program, or any of the opportunities to “plug in” that are listed, please don’t hesitate to contact me.  I look forward to hearing from you.
In His Grip,

Chris Middleton, STM Connexion Coordinator, Fellowship International
The Fellowship of Evangelical Baptist Churches in Canada
(519) 821-4830 x239 ~ fax (519) 821-9829 ~ www.fellowship.ca