Thomas & Nicole Olney are working among First Nations in Thompson, Manitoba, Canada.

Their latest prayer requests & update is below:


- Praise God for a healthy and growing family.  Our kids are 1, 3, 5, and 7 right now, and doing well.  

- We have not been able to travel to any other communities in over a year, so please pray that things will open soon, and that we will be able to start rebuilding relationships again.  Some youth have interacted digitally, and some, we have not communicated with at all.

- Please pray for long-term camp planning, as our current site will not be viable for too many more years.  We have an opportunity on another site, but we will have to build from scratch.  As such, much wisdom is needed for what that should look like.

Thank you for your continued support of God's work in this part of Canada.

Thomas and Nicole