Welcome to Emmanuel Baptist Church!

Each Sunday, we have a message that is topical and relevant to living life in today's ever changing world. Come along and hear what God has to say to us through His Word.

Join us for our current sermon series on the minor prophets entitled 'Major Lessons from Minor Prophets'. Each week we look at the life, ministry and teaching of a minor prophet and how the message, preached thousands of years ago, is still relevant for us today. 

Meanwhile, if you're new to Vernon, or just visiting the area, why not join us. We have a number of events coming up over the next number of weeks and over the summer too. 

If you aren't already part of a small group, we have the perfect opportunity for you to join our current 'Five for Faith' series on Sunday nights until February 7th. Starting at 5pm with a potluck in the gym, and then into the auditorium for a testimony and afterwards breaking into one of five groups for electives. Choose from subjects such as prayer, discipleship, marriage enrichment or a tour of Israel. There's even something for kids too with our Epic Explorers where they get to see how God's Word applies to them on a daily basis. Don't worry if you can't make it for 5pm, just come along at 6pm and you'll still be in time for the electives - and there's usually coffee and dessert after we're all done around 7pm.

Once Five for Faith is finished, we'll be heading back to our small groups, but we'd love for you to get involved in one too if you're not already. This would be a perfect opportunity to be a part of an existing group or a new group that will be starting up in February. There are lots of groups to choose from and lots of days/times too. Contact Richard Priebe at the church office for more information.

Regular service times are: 9 & 11am.

We look forward to seeing you.