Denver & Katie Janz are serving at a Bible School in San Carlos, Mexico, with BMSLA.

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Happy New Year!
Wow! 2022… it's hard to believe it's here already. We trust that you had a joyous Christmas celebration with family and friends and were able to enjoy all the wonderful festivities around the holiday season. We were bountifully blessed to have shared our Christmas with Katie's family here in Mexico, but also with my parents, Steve and Sarah. Back in October Katie planned with my parents that they drive down for Christmas from British Columbia. So, it was set in place as a surprise, but eventually was made known to me, so that Katie and I would have time to prepare for their arrival. As you can imagine, I was ecstatic with the news. What an amazing 7 days we had with my parents as well as Katie’s side of the family. Wonderful memories were indeed made. And of course, for Noel and Macy to have had a Christmas with both Pops, Choo Choo (Howard and Susan), Gammy, and Papa (Steve and Sarah), was extra special. What a blessing it was to have spent that time together and to uplift and encouraged one another in our joy in Jesus. 
Now we have entered a new year, with new prospects, new hopes and ambitions. Our prayer for you as well as us, is that in those newly developed thoughts of how this year will look for each of us, Jesus would be the focal point of it all! I was telling Katie the other day how it feels like we just finished our last school semester; and here we are approaching another one next week.  It has come swiftly and we are down to the grind in preparation. And as the busyness grows, how its’ so refreshing to pause and to take into remembrance what it’s all about. We are here in San Carlos, CEC is here in San Carlos for one reason, and that to make much of Jesus.
It is still unknown how many students we will have as applications are still trickling in. We trust in the Lord that He will send us the right number of students for this year yet again, he has not failed in doing so in the past. We also will be running our 2nd year semester starting in March, which will run to the end of April. We are excited for another year, to see how the Lord will mold and shape these students to become more like him, preparing them for the ministry God has and will appoint them too.
So, what will this year look like for us…
Katie will be:
helping Jael (our new administrator) organize and prepare the office for this year
heading up our registration with Jael opening day (January 17th) 
working alongside Jael the first couple of weeks in the office to assure Jael is settled in well with her new position as school administrator
mentoring (at least one gal)
teaching a class called “Battle of the mind”
leading and hosting the ladies bible study every Monday night
planning our yearly fundraiser and other events of the year
mostly at home with the girls throughout the week, investing in them, especially Noel in her learning.
Denver will be:leading the Student Work Detail again this year
leading the men’s Bible Study Monday nights
mentoring (at least one student)
leading Student Life 
photography, year book and T-shirt design for Class of 2022
helping with leading Communion Thursday night 
auditing classes to see which class/es would be suitable to teach next year
doing life with students through the week. 
We would love for you to join us in prayer for these things listed above. That we would be prepared for another year and that God would work through us as His instruments to help point these students to a greater and deeper love for Jesus. Also, we would appreciate prayer for Katie and her time with the girls every day (Noel especially at her age), that Katie would have the wisdom and patience with our dear little girls to continue to show and teach them of Jesus and the gospel. And for me in my preparation for all my responsibilities, as it will demand clear communication. Pray that I will be understood well by the students.

We thank all of you for standing with us in this amazing journey and your continued investment in our lives. We look forward to giving you more updates as the school year unfolds. 

Blessings on you, 

Denver, Katie, Noel, and Macy