Linda is one of our 'newer' church supported missionaries. Her passion for ministry, her heart for people, and her tireless work have been an inspiration since we have had the privilege of meeting her last year when she visited Canada.

Originally from South Africa, Linda now works in an area of Namibia called Grootfontein (English meaning: Large spring).

Linda works with SIM (Serving in Mission).

Linda writes, "In 2018 my trust, Hearts hands and Voices, will have 5 focus work areas:

1.)  The daily Soup Kitchen at the school and perhaps a second Soup Kitchen to mainly San and other Bushman tribe children that does not go to school.

2.)  Needlework project to underprivileged woman to create income.

3.)  Support to orphaned and vulnerable children, youth, and marginalized people. (Food, Blankets, Clothes, student books...)

4.)  Supporting vulnerable kids with school uniforms, stationary and other school related needs. Supporting the school with ink for printers. Sponsor additional teacher when possible.

5.)  Training School and Sunday school teachers with the material of Operation Christmas Child. Teachers are trained to present The Greatest Journey student book to kids. Kids will follow a 12 week lesson plan learning about the Great Creator, the Great problem –Sin, and the Great solution to Sin, Jesus Christ the Son of God.

Each week I will lead some Bible study groups while in other groups I will shadow new leaders. I am also actively involved in a local church working together to share the good news of the Gospel of Jesus by word and deed."

To read more about what Linda has been up to during 2017, click on the PDF download below.