Communion Guidelines

Thanks for being willing to help serve communion here at Emmanuel Baptist Church.

We have created this document with information that will be helpful to prepare you for serving.

Serving communion is one of the many ways to serve the church family.

Celebrating communion is something that the family of God is commanded to do. As well, it is a time for God’s people to encounter God and enjoy fellowship with him. What a privilege for us to enter into God’s presence together.

1. Although there is no specific dress code for those serving communion, we would encourage those serving to be modestly and tidily dressed.

2. Please arrive at church a few minutes early. Connect with Pastor Tyler who will co-ordinate which section of the church you are to hand out the supplies in.

3. As pastor Don transitions from the sermon to communion, listen for his prompt for the communion team to come forward. For those serving downstairs, come up to the front. For those upstairs, move towards the upstairs communion table.

4. Typically those helpers on either side of Pastor Don pray for the bread and the juice. We’ll confirm beforehand if you are to pray. Leading the congregation in prayer is a big responsibility, so if possible give some thought to your prayer before you pray. There are some guidelines on the next page that might help guide your thoughts as you pray.

5. (For those serving downstairs) After you have received your tray of bread or juice, wait at the front until everyone gets their tray. Then together start at the front of the sanctuary working towards the back. After you reach the back of the sanctuary, wait there till everyone has finished handing out the elements in their section. Walk up to the front together. Pastor Don will take the trays back from you.

6. The server nearest to the piano player should serve them

7. During the final song, collect the empty cups and also the monthly benevolent offering. After collecting the offering, it needs to be taken to the welcome table. An usher will count and store the money.

Communion reminds us of: - fellowship with Christ - unity in the church (we are one because of Jesus' sacrifice) Jesus’ sacrifice, Jesus’ forgiveness, Salvation

Bread: - The Bread of Life given for us - Jesus broke His body for us - We remember His love and sacrifice and His goodness   Cup: - The blood of Christ shed for us - His love poured our for us - We remember His incredible gift of forgiveness

Prayer should: - Recognize what the bread and cup symbolize - Remember Jesus’ love and great sacrifice - Submit to the Lord and celebrate what He’s done   Bible passages that may be helpful as you prepare for communion: 1 Corinthians 11:13-34; Isaiah 53:5; Matthew 26:26-28; 1 Corinthians 10:17; John 6:53-54; 1 Peter 3:18; Luke 22:19-20