Don Reeve
January 19, 2020
Don Reeve
Lead Pastor


Daniel 1:1-7
Daniel 1:1-7

Pastor Don kicks off a new series in the book of Daniel. He first starts by giving an overview of the book of Daniel and where it fits in chronologically in the Bible and historically, where it fits in the world scheme of things. There has definitely been controversy over the book of Daniel in terms of those who doubt it's historicity and accuracy. However, as Pastor Don points out, where there is discrepancy between what we know today and what the Bible teaches, we can fully trust the Bible's account. In fact, in several instances, what had previously been discounted from Daniel's account, has later been verified as archaeological and historical evidence has come to light. God, His Word, and indeed His prophets, can be trusted ALL of the time.

In case you didn't get to write down the timeline, here it is:

1400's - Moses/Israel leave Egypt

1046 Saul first king of Israel

1010 David becomes king

970-931 Solomon is king

930 kingdom of Israel splits into Israel/Judah

722 Israel exiled by Assyria

701 Assyria attacks Judah

630 Assyrian civil war

616 Egypt at war with Assyria

609 Josiah attacks Egypt - he dies

605 Babylon defeats Egypt

604 King Nebuchadnezzar becomes king of Babylon

March 15/16 597 Jerusalem surrenders to Babylon

587/586 Jerusalem and the temple destroyed

562 Nebuchadnezzar dies

562 on...Neb's son is king...then son-in-law...then grandson

556-539 Nabonidus is last king of Babylon (his son likely reigns in his place for 10 years)

539 Cyrus the great defeats Babylon

539 End of exile for Judah (1st year note of Cyrus reign)

530 Cyrus succeeded by his son (until 522)

521-486 Darius is king of Persia

490 1st Persian invasion of Greeece

Oct 486 Xerxes is new king of Persia

484 Xerxes murdered and Artaxerxes is king

445 Artaxerxes decree to rebuild temple until 400...a series of kings with short reigns

359 Philip 2nd unites Greek states

336 Alexander becomes leader of unified Greece

334 Alexander attacks Persia

323 Alexander died and divides empire into 28 regions - eventual ending up as 4 kingdoms

275 the four kingdoms are reduce to 3 until Roman empire

175-164 Antiochus the 4th 32 Jesus crucified