Job 18 & 19
Job: A Friend of God - Part 8

This week, being mothers' day, pastor Don not only looks at the counsel Job's 'friends' offer to Job, but also what we can learn from the book of Job as it relates to mothers teaching and setting an example for their children.

1. Teach your children that behind everything there is a purpose, we should look for that purpose, even though we might not see it at first.

2. Teach your children to pursue God for Himself and not for what He can do for them. 

3. Teach your children to trust God's Word.

4. Teach your children to let mercy prevail. Job's friends made assumptions about why Job was suffering, and therefore reached the wrong conclusions about Job. There is more to God than our senses reveal. It might take time, but trust Him while we wait.

In order to show mercy, we must first be able to worship.