Romans 2:14-15
Can we be good without God?

This weekend, we had the privilege of having Dr. Paul Chamberlain, Director of the Institute of Christian Apologetics and Professor of Apologetics, Philosophy & Ethics at Trinity Western University, with us.

He took a look at some subjects with the purpose of equipping us as Christians to deal graciously with those who may not agree with us on some very important matters.

In the morning, he looked at the question, 'Can we be good without God?', in the afternoon, he considered two other areas of discussion, Is Morality All Relative? and Tolerance: Cultural Idol or Worthy Goal?

We were challenged as we thought of taking the message of the Bible to a world that is often antagonistic and opposes it's teaching. Yet at the same time, we are commanded to love our neighbours and take the life-changing message of the Gospel to those with no hope.