Praise the Lord!

We are so thankful that we were able to run both of our youth groups and day camps this summer! Each week we would have our Sr. Youth come out to the camp to play games and study God’s Word — it was amazing to see them all come together! We would then head out to Falkland to do youth group in two time slots in the parking lot of the community church. We were so grateful to see most of the kids back after several months off even through the summer! We played games and went through the story of Joseph, emphasizing his attitude and trust in God despite the hard times he was facing.

Day camps were a success! We had a girl surrender her heart to God! Praise the Lord! We trust that many seeds were planted in the hearts of these kids and know that only God can help them to grow! We ran 5 full weeks of camp with our amazing staff who were determined to make Day Camps even more fun than a normal summer! It was encouraging for us to watch each of them serve the Lord with passion and love as they helped with youth groups, swim groups and day camps. The amazing thing is that each one of them came with the intention of volunteering their entire summer, yet God provided enough for us to pay them all! Praise the Lord!

The future is an unknown place, but we are seeing more and more as time goes on! We have just received word that we will be able to hold our overnight marriage retreat as long as we adhere to certain rules. We have plans to run a number of one day ladies retreats in October and are looking ahead to possibilities for our Christmas banquets and more! We look forward to running both Sr. and Jr. youth groups again this Fall and have all of our leaders lined up. It is amazing to see the openness to the gospel in Falkland! We feel God is leading us to be more present in this community.

Family Update

Conan is working towards getting youth groups up and running again for the Fall. He has had the opportunity to preach at a few churches and it has been incredible to be with different congregations of God’s church! He is working hard on connections with those in Falkland to reach the community for the gospel. He has been getting migraines most days and we are thankful for a CT scan that came back clear! We are praying that we would be able to come up with a solution to give him some relief.

Julana is helping to plan the Ladies Retreat and will be leading the music.

Scarlett and Claire thrive as camp kids. They are very close with our staff and always asking to go see what the campers are doing! The age gap between them seems to be getting smaller as they grow older — they often are mistaken for twins! They are full of energy and keep us on our toes!

August is 4.5 months as we write this letter! He is a sweet, happy boy and loves the attention of his big sisters! He fits into our family perfectly and we love seeing him reach new milestones!

We are so thankful for your prayers and support!

Conan, Julana, Scarlett, Claire + August Arndt