If someone were to ask you what Christmas was all about, many thoughts may come to your mind. At Emmanuel, however, many months before Christmas is on most people's minds, we are planning our Annual 'Bethlehem Star' production, where we invite you to 'Begin your Christmas, where Christmas began'! The birth, over 2,000 years ago of a baby, who would become the central figure of human history, Jesus Christ. As you journey through Bethlehem, you'll begin by signing the census, just as those long ago, had to register each family in Bethlehem. Then you'll discover a marketplace, where local traders display their wares and let you sample their products. Use some authentic shekels to purchase items in the marketplace, and pay taxes with whatever you have left!

You'll be transported through time as you enter the town of Bethlehem and see how people would have played, learned the Hebrew language and experience the sights and sounds of one of the most famous places on earth. You'll even have the opportunity to dress up and have your photo taken at our special photo booth, share your memories with friends and family who may not have had the opportunity to visit for themselves.

Finally, there'll be an opportunity to round off the evening with our drama produced exclusively for Bethlehem Star.

For 2019, our dates for Bethlehem Star will be Friday, December 6; 5:30pm-7:30pm; Saturday, December 7: 3pm-7pm and Sunday, December 8: 3pm-7pm.

We'll also have a booth at Downtown Vernon light-up in November (November 30) from 5pm-8pm where we'll have an opportunity to have your photo taken as a character from the ancient town of Bethlehem and then we'll post that on our Bethlehem Star Facebook Page so you can share them with your friends and encourage them to come along to the live event and experience Bethlehem Star itself.

If you would like to volunteer at this year's Bethlehem Star, there is a web-site designed specifically to let you know what the current needs are and you can also sign up there. Just click on: www.bethstar.org. We usually start recruiting for Bethlehem Star from September onwards.

If you are looking for the photos taken at the Bethlehem Star photo booth, you can click here to see them.