At Five for Faith last year, we had a series of videos available for the various sessions. Apart from the Freedom in Christ sessions and the Grandparenting series, the videos that were shown are available to watch on-line.

Here's the links for the videos from week 3: (simply click on the link below to watch the video you'd like to watch).

Five for Faith Speakers/Videos:

1. The Pursuit of Joy - John Piper - 5 part series: (the remaining 4 videos are easily accessible by clicking on the links below the first)
2. Grandparenting Series: DVD (available from Dave Bunn): Never to Late: Encouraging Faith in your Adult Children
Session 6: Grandparenting Through a Child's Divorce
3. The Gospel Family: Jen Wilkin - Train a Child in the Way He Should Speak; ( Paul Tripp - Mirror of Sin & Means of Grace - Parents are a work in progress (
4. Missions: The Cross Conference - Clever Missionaries Need Not Apply; Psalms - The Beauty of God’s Love (
5. Spiritual Gifts (all 5 weeks of videos here) - Unique in design, United in Purpose: The focus is on discovering the gifts that God has given us and seeing how they compliment the other gifts that others have. The Bible passage is 1 Cor. 12:12-31
1.        “For the common good” 2.        “Unique in design, united in purpose” 3.        “A Supernatural Community and a personal Word” 4.        “In pursuit of the Spirit” 5.        “A Gospel reminder”
6. Freedom in Christ Course - See Rob Eggert for more information.
7. Teachers & Teachings Worth Hearing: Jen Wilkin - Reclaiming Psalm 139 (; Jen Wilkin - Q&A: how Has Social Media Changed Bible Reading? (


Week 4 Videos:

1. The Pursuit of Joy - John Piper: Part 3 & 4
2. Grandparenting Series: Session 8: Passing on a Heritage of Faith with Enthusiasm & Joy
Session 9: How to Pray and Read the Bible with Your Grandchildren
3. The Gospel Family: Daniel Akin Little Global Hearts How to Give Kids a Vision for the World; Trevin Wax Signs of Hope for the Next Generation
4. Missions: The Cross Conference - The Life of a Disciple Maker (
5. Spiritual Gifts - A Supernatural community and a personal word: This week the study looks at what 1 Corinthians 14 teaches on the gift of prophecy . The application of the sermon is "Pray, Ask, Listen, Step out in Faith"
6. Freedom in Christ Course - Sessions 5 & 6 - Session 5 will be at 4pm (before supper) and session 6 will be at 6pm (after supper). See Rob Eggert today for more information. There is a $10 cost for this elective only for the participant book.
7. Teachers & Teachings Worth Hearing: Matt Chandler

Week 5
1. The Pursuit of Joy - John Piper: Part 4 & 5
2. Grandparenting Series: Unleashing the Power of Spoken Blessing with Calvin Harper
3. The Gospel Family: Russell Moore: The Storm Tossed Family - How the Cross Reshapes the Home
4. Missions: The Cross Conference
5. Spiritual Gifts - This week we plan to finish off our Spiritual Gifts series "Gifted for love"
6. Freedom in Christ Course - Sessions 5 & 6
7. Teachers & Teachings Worth Hearing: David Platt